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Dear collector friends,

In the year 1990, 6 young collectors found together and they incorporated the luxemburgish brewerania collectors club  S.v.B.L. (Sammlerclub vun Brauereiartikelen Lëtzebuerg). One of the main objectives of the club is to promote this form of  collection and to help other breweriana freaks  to grow up their collection.

The most important challenge for us was to create a catalogue recapitulating the coasters of  Luxembourg. After a first printed black & white edition in 1997, we decided to use the media of Internet to present the coasters in a new coloured version.

In this edition, you will find most of the known coasters and crown caps of  Luxembourg.

All the contributors of this guide are listed below:

Romain Bintener

Peter Bosmanns

Yves Claude

Paul Herber

Carlo Hermann

Friedhelm Karos

Albert Kemmer

Kris Redant

Romain Rink

Guy Schultz

Jean-Louis Thill

Cédric Warzee

If you have any items in your collection that are not shown in the catalogue,

please send a copy in JPEG by mail to :

In 1996 we organized our first international exchange meeting in cooperation with the « Brasserie de Diekirch » and the collector clubs of our neighbour countries. Since then, 10 more exchange meetings have been organized with different partners, the last one was in 2022 in Moutfort.

Since the foundation of  the club in 1990, local exchange meetings are organized regularly every two month, the 2nd saturday of the uneven months, at the 1st floor of the Béierhaascht, 240 avenue de Luxembourg in L-4940 Bascharage. If you are interested in our exchange meetings, feel free to join us at 15:00 hrs.

Enjoy the Luxembourg coaster & crown caps catalogue.


The layout was realized by Alain Steffes.


Enjoy the Luxembourg coaster guide


Marc Obry